Light Brown Pointer

Deftones are a band from Sacramento, California, who came together in 1988.
They have since released 9 albums (not including covers and b-sides). Listen,
I know I say this a bunch but Deftones are seriously one of my favorite bands
ever! Like seriously seriously, their music is so special to me.

I have been having the biggest phase over the last months and I just want
to share info on these beloveds to you all! So, if you haven't already
taken a listen to them, then what are you waiting for?!

soo, here is where our story begins. 'adrenaline' (aka the birth of deftones)
was released october 3, 1995, along with the singles 'bored' and '7 words'
(good songs!).

it came to be when chino (lead singer) discovered his high school buddy stephen
could play guitar. they jammed together along with abe who played drums.
eventually, they all recorded some demos before creating this gem of
a record.

personal thoughts

i come back to this album a lot - it's fun and energetic and
is easy to listen to. also, bored was one of the first deftones
songs i really loved so there is that aspect too :-) my faves on
here are lifter, birthmark and engine no. 9.

around the fur is deftones' second record and is memorable for it's
cover, i think. it was released on october 28, 1997 with singles 'my
own summer' and 'be quiet and drive' (super underground songs, mhm).

in 99', the album was certified gold and further platinum in 2011. it gave
the band a wave of popularity because the above songs had lots of radio time.
also, if you were curious like me, the girl on the cover is lisa hughes and
was taken at a late-night party. the funny part about this is that chino thinks
the cover is horrible and dislikes it. hahaha.

personal thoughts

this is probably my 3rd favorite deftones record. like
adrenaline, it's super easy to listen to and i got into
it straight away. i just love everything about it. my
fave songs on here are lotion, MX and dai the flu.

'white pony' was released on june 20, 2000, and was a turning
point for the band. it's considered to be one of their best albums,
with the highest sales. singles "change (in the house of flies)" and
"digital bath" were crazily successful. the album is also platinum.
basically, it's a good freakin album.

instead of writing about himself on the record, chino decided to create
story-lines and fantasies. in songs like knife prty, he envisioned an
underworld society of knives, "people who just get off on these erotic
fantasies." in digital bath, he wrote about taking a bath with a girl
before electrocuting her, drying her off, and then putting her clothes
back on.

personal thoughts

there are some serious standout songs on this album -
like teenager and korea and rx queen - however i don't
find myself coming back to white pony a whole lot.
i know when i first heard it i was like wow, this is
amazing and i didn't hear a single bad song. but idk.
maybe i just overplayed it.

deftones' self-titled album, released on may 20, 2003. it was
actually supposed to be called "lovers," but mr chino thought
that was too obvious in relation to the songs. it has some of
their heaviest tracks, but also has shoegaze and trip hop

the singles were "minerva" and "hexagram," with the former
gaining popularity and mainstream rock attention. on the
other hand, hexagram was featured on shows for metal.

personal thoughts

i haven't listened to this album in full before,
so i don't have a lot to say. i'm not a critic or
anything but i've enjoyed what i've heard. i don't
think there is a single deftones album that is bad.
anyways, my favorite on here is good morning beautiful.

saturday night wrist, birthed on october 31, 2006. i'm trying
to contain my exictment because, personally, i think this is their
best! anyways anyways, this album kinda almost broke up the band.
chino was dealing with drug problems and his marriage was falling
apart. the band members were stressing each other out and in 'hole in
the earth,' chino sings: "i hate all of my friends, they all lack taste

it was a big big thing, so i can't get into every bit of it. but it managed
to produce this lovely piece of work, so i guess that's a bonus. stephen
commented after that chino went billy corgan style and used mostly only
his ideas for the album, and also played most of the rhythm guitar.

personal thoughts

i think everyone knows my thoughts already - i
absolutely adore this album with everything in me.
the first EVER deftones song i listened to for ages
was cherry waves. i just really don't think anything
compares to this. my faves on here are basically all
of them, but to be specfic - beware, rats!rats!rats,
combat, drive, rivire, pink cellphone and kimdracula.