Usagi Sailor Moon - Heart Up Arrow

for a thousand days
you've been staring away
are you fazed?
or are you thinking?

you love him
you love him for yourself
you love him and no one, no one else

sad drunk and poorly, sleep in really late
sad drunk and poorly, not feeling so great
wandering lost in a town full of frowns

i want whats yours
oh, i'd give anything
and ill take the pain

i wait alone
for what will never come
and i'll throw it all away

all my blisters now revealed
in the darkness of my dreams
in the spaces in between us

i tell you everything
and i hope you wont tell on me
and id give you anything
i know that you wont tell on me

your milk is so sour
and i can only cry
and i can only cower
and i can only cry
you have all the power